The Labour Conference

I have to give lots of kudos to Red Alert for their coverage of the Conference. Overall I think it has been a positive event for them. Here’s how I see the good and the bad.


  1. Goff’s Speech. Very well crafted, and got the tone right. If Goff makes more speeches like this, he will start to go up in the polls.
  2. Mike Rann’s speech. The fact the SA Premier went to uni with Goff makes his endorsement more meaningful. Incidentally please note no-one in National complaining about Rann speaking at a Labour conference – quite unlike Clark’s conduct over Downer speaking to a Nats conference.
  3. Anderton’s presence. It was a symbolic healing of past wounds.
  4. Having Federated Farmers address the conference. Very smart and bold.

Not Good

  1. Goff on the motorcycle. Yes I know he used to have one 20 years ago, but it looks just a bit try hard.
  2. The condoms story. For all their words about focused on the issues that matter to most people, this story will leave people wondering if anything is changing.
  3. ’s mooting of a (get this) Commissioner for Social Inclusion. No I am not making this up. The only comment on is a trackback ping from the Dim-Post where Danyl can’t believe his luck at being given such material. No else has managed to find the strength to comment on the idea, because there is probably no way to do so politely. Danyl comments that “Dalziel is like a convicted killer who shows up to her parole board hearing with a hockey mask and chainsaw”.

Overall a good performance from Goff, but he needs to get a tighter rein on some of his colleagues. He should have stopped Dyson from sounding so eager about the free condoms idea, and there should be a general ban on any Labour MP promoting anything that sounds even more useless than the Families Commission.

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