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  1. Cactus Kate thinks appointing Michael Stiassny as the receiver for Crafer Farms is having the punishment fit the crime 🙂
  2. Phil Twyford blogs on war, peace and pacifism.
  3. Richard Long writes on how the history of NZ and Samoa has not always been so cosy.
  4. Colin James covers the recent Blue-Greens conference noting in 2002 Three National MPs were members, and now there are 18.
  5. Bryce Edwards blogs on the growing professionalism of party campaigning
  6. No Right Turn has the good news that all select committees can now accept submissions electronically. Excellent.
  7. Trevor Mallard blogs his denial of an alleged rumour, as a way to ensure the rumour gets plenty of notice. Propaganda 101.
  8. Tim Selwyn at Tumeke covers the sentence of Taito Phillip Field, noting “With Mike Williams as President of the party, with Helen as PM, with Cullen as the deputy, and with Margaret Wilson as the Speaker the government had become so sleazed up that an MP as corrupt as Field was tolerated for as long as they possibly could. It’s not a pleasant passage in the annals of the NZ Labour Party.”
  9. Cactus Kate (again) has a thoughtful piece on har far is too far when attacking someone.
  10. Whale Oil solves two problems at once by suggesting the Palmerston North be turned into a quarantine station for Gingas 🙂
  11. Liberty Scott muses on whether the TPK funding of the Maori TV bid breaches our WTO obligations.
  12. MacDoctor has the worrying news that the US Federal Trade Commission is now trying to regulate bloggers.
  13. Roarprawn defends the Maori TV bid for the RWC coverage and says people should get over it.

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