Police on handheld cellphone ban

The Herald reports:

will be using their discretion as motorists adjust to the pending law that bans use of handheld cellphones while driving.

Good. Not that it affects me as I have handsfree.

From Sunday, motorists must have a handsfree device if they want to use their mobile phone. If they’re caught using it without one, they face an $80 fine and 20 demerit points.

I’ve still yet to see any research from overseas showing a reduction in road tolls, after such a law change.

National road policing manager Superintendent Paula Rose said staff had been told that a period to allow the “bedding in” of the legislation was appropriate. …

Ms Rose doesn’t answer the phone when she’s driving. Instead she puts it in the boot, so if it does ring, she can’t get to it to take the call.

Ummm, does the Superintendent’s phone not have an off button? Putting it in the boot seems somewhat unnecessary.

She said she was excited about the new law because New Zealanders might think more about driving safely.

“In policing we’ve seen some really stupid things – people getting changed, putting their makeup on, eating their breakfast.

Personally I think a ban on women applying makeup while driving is more pressing!

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