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  1. Cactus Kate blogs on how APN  is now advising staff to self censor articles, rather than get legal advice on what they can say, as the legal advice costs too much. Incredible.
  2. Clare Curran blogs on how a town in Ohio got its entire municipal Wi-Fi network closed down by the MPAA, because one person in town downloaded a movie. This is why termination should not be a remedy under s92A. And don’t even start me on ACTA – a treaty that may remove our right to even decide what our laws should be on copyright infringement and the Internet.
  3. Whale Oil celebrates the cessation of funding to Te Reo Marama, whose dubious activities he has highlighted thanks to the OIA.
  4. Aaron Bhatnagar is celebrating that Dick Hubbard wants to stand for the new Auckland Council to support Len Brown. Len, Sue Bradford, Dick Hubbard – what a combination.
  5. The Dim-Post highlights Trevor Mallard’s political strategy. Some very perceptive comments in the thread.

[UPDATE: NZ Herald says post on APN is not correct (which is good). See story on Herald site plus comment in thread from Herald]

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