Did he tell them he wants to increase their levies even more?

The HoS report:

It was, perhaps, ’s first Triumph in quite some time.

A thousand bikers roared their disapproval at proposed levy hikes yesterday – along with Labour leader Phil Goff on a brand-new motorbike he had bought shortly before.

I’m betting that Phil didn’t tell them that the increase was due to his former Government increasing coverage and a resultant $4.6 billion liability blowout.

I’m also betting he didn’t tell them that the modest pruning of coverage done by National, he has vowed to reverse. This means that levies will increase even faster under Labour.

Labour are trying the maxim that you can’t fool all of the voters all of the time, but you can fool some of the voters. They are campaigning against both levy increases and decreasing coverage.

Most ten year olds can work out you can’t both cut revenue and increase expenditure.

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