Hone goes off the deep end

Let’s just put this in a nutshell:

1. Hone wags a meeting he flew to the other side of the world to attend so that he can see beautiful instead.

If Joe the freezing worker or Joanne the policy analyst wagged work to go to the movies what would happen to them?  And, remember this is the second time that Hone has done this.  In the real world he may have got a warning for the first time, what would happen for the second time?

2. Hone sends highly offensive emails and invites the recipient to go to the media.

Hmmm… if Joanne the policy analyst did the same what would happen to her job?  Especially since she is already under at least one warning for wagging work to go to the movies.

And, is this behaviour, wagging and offensive language, appropriate for a Member of or a Member of the Party?  It seems to me that all the wrong messages are being sent thanks to Hone’s actions.  Terrible messages like all rort the system, will wag work to do the fun stuff, etc etc.

Hone, own up to what you’ve done and allow someone with some integrity from the Party to take your position.  Your is disappearing as we speak, and not even John Key or Pita Sharples can enhance it now.

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