2009 Parliament Stats

These are from Gerry Brownlee:

Oral Questions

There were 86 question times.

compares with:

  • 57 in 2008
  • 87 in 2007
  • 81 in 2006

I’m pleased to see this. With 30 sitting weeks, means only four times was there no question time. The Govt has gone out of its way to retain question time, even when the House is in urgency.

3rd Readings

  • 70 Government Bills passed their 3rd reading and into
  • 1 Local Bill passed its 3rd reading and into

All of the private members bills passed were old ones carried over, not new ones.

No Right Turn has noted that the Government has passed a sessional order that will allow it to sit on Thursday mornings, thus minimising the need for urgency. is a good thing, as have always said there should be a difference between merely having extended sitting hours for the House, and urgency which allows you to pass a bill through multiple stages without the normal delays.

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