Blog Bits

  1. Andrew Campbell (unionist who gives left viewpoint on Nine to Noon Politics) has done a guest post n The Standard decrying Labour for backing Goff’s speech.
  2. Whale Oil is not happy with the Dr of Laws degree from Otago University to Michael Cullen. I just hope this doesn’t mean Chris Finlayson will now make Cullen a QC!
  3. Eddie at The Standard joins the criticism of the Family Commission Chair for saying she can’t give a definition of Whanau Ora as she is a middle class white woman. He correctly labels this utter crap. Really isn’t it just time we get rid of the Families Commission as a nice idea but one that doesn’t deliver enough for the amount it costs.
  4. Chris Keall gives a good round-up of what is happening on copyright issues.
  5. Amy Adams is pleased with the unanimous vote to send to select committee her  Fair Trading (Soliciting on behalf of Charities) Amendment Bill which requires those soliciting on behalf of charities to be transparent about where the money goes.
  6. Stephen Franks is happy that the Wanganui District Council (Port and Harbour) Bill doesn’t appear to have the numbers and has been deferred. The bill, promoted by Wanganui District Council, basically confiscates the local port from the company that has a perpetually renewable lease for it.
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