Blog Bits

  1. Heather Roy recommends people see “A day in Pompeii” at Te Papa. I certainly plan to go, even though I have been to the actual Pompeii also.
  2. Moana Mackey on Red Alert has photos of the wedding of James Coyle (my co-covenor of The American Politics Appreciation Society) and Deborah Mahuta. Congrats to them.
  3. And in the cute photo competition, we have Lindsay Mitchell’s photo of her two week old kittens.
  4. Six Revisions has the 15 biggest Internet scandals of the last decade.
  5. Frog Blog celebrates 100,000 comments. Congrats.
  6. Bernard Hickey reports that NZ has just had its first current account surplus since 1988, so that breaks a run of 82 quarters of deficits. But looks to be a one off due to the Aussie owned banks paying their back taxes.
  7. Cactus Kate gives Red Alert and Trevor Mallard her Blog of the Year Award. One can only enjoy her reasons for doing so.
  8. Roar Prawn blogs what she wants her mates to get for Xmas – always thinking of others 🙂
  9. Eric Crampton lists some iPredict stocks where you can get a 1% to 2% return over two weeks.
  10. Bernard Hickey hands out the Interesties Awards.
  11. Steven Price talks name suppression and says that merely telling someone the name one on one is unlikely to be considered publication.
  12. The Dim-Post celebrates Rage against the Machine topping the UK charts.
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