BSA decisions

Fun summer reading can be decisions of the Broadcasting Standards Authority. Some recent decisions:

  1. They reject four complaints against TV3 for Ali Ikram’s satirical piece of Maori TV getting the Rugby World Cup rights. It wasn’t that funny a piece of satire, but no way should it be illegal!
  2. They also turn down two complaints against TVNZ and Paul Henry over his comments re the Maori flag.
  3. ACT member Peter Taskhoff is sucessful against TVNZ for a story at an arms show than unfairly portrayed him in a negative light.
  4. Kerry Bolton wins against Radio NZ for Chris Laidlaw’s programme which made holocaust denying accusations against him withotu verifying them.
  5. Henk van Helmond loses against TV3 for door stopping him at is home in relation to threats about Sue Bradford.
  6. A complaint against TV3 for coverage of the Boobs on Bikes parade was not upheld.
  7. A complaint fron a Patty Towl against Solid Gold FM for the joke that Ellen DeGeneres is the second most powerful lesbian on the planet, and Chris Carter being the first – was not upheld.

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