ND keep abreast of the Aces

Northern Districts had a new look for the season’s Twenty20 opening game.  Pink.  Very pink.  The new ND website , titled How Cricket changed my life, is also a totally new look for cricket in New Zealand.

Yes, I know you all know that the cricketers donned pink to raise awareness for breast cancer.  The marketers promoters organisers of the breast cancer awareness campaign have ensured that many products have turned pink.  And, I suppose Northern Districts sporting the pink goes with the Breast Cancer Foundation’s latest marketing lines that it isn’t just the woman who is affected, but her loved ones too.  After all, a lot of breast lumps are first found by boyfriends, husbands and the like.  However, wouldn’t it be lovely for Prostate Cancer to have a similar profile using sport as a medium?

The problem is that men wearing any other colour than pink just wouldn’t be enough to excite the media and masses to take notice.  Nor would our White Ferns donning another colour like blue or green be enough to to raise awareness of Prostate cancer.

The Pink/Breast Cancer brand is a strong one.  Perhaps the Prostate Cancer Foundation could learn a few things from the Breast Cancer Foundation… or may be they could hijack the pink branding.

Many charities deserve profile.  I applaud the Breast Cancer Foundation for always keeping abreast of things and busting through.  Sorry, I just couldn’t resist.

Northern Districts cricket continue to do great things in the community and selecting a charity to support just proves there is a caring side to sport (and they had a secret yearning to wear pink).

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