A civil suit vs the Waihopai Three?

The Herald reports:

One of the three spy base attackers has welcomed the prospect of a $1.1 million Crown damages claim, saying the trio have less than $1000 between them.

Otaki school teacher Adrian Leason said even if the Crown won a lawsuit, it would have trouble getting the money.

“If they are going after Father Peter, Sam and myself, our combined personal wealth is probably under $1000.

Which is why a civil suit is the last thing the Crown should do. Sure, they may win the case and find the three liable for damages, but they’ll never get any money out of them.

Worse, another court case is exactly what they want. Their motives in their actions was to gain publicity for their cause, and they’d love another week or so of taxpayer funded publicity.

To some degree, their actions are much the same as Bethune’s in Japan – they want trials and all the publicity that go with them.

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