More silly name supression

The Dominion Post has a big story today on the inquest into the suicide of . As with any suicide, it is all very sad.

What caught my attention was this:

Wellington coroner Ian Smith held a two-day hearing into Ms McAuley’s apparent suicide in October 2008. He suppressed the identity of the high-profile New Zealander Mr MacIntyre married within three months of his wife’s death. Mr MacIntyre’s new wife publicly denied the pair were having an affair before Ms McAuley’s death. That was repeated by Mr MacIntyre during the inquest.

I had not realised that the coroner had imposed . With all respects to the coroner, that is a silly and futile action.

I am sure the vast majority of New Zealanders know who MacIntyre’s new wife is, or at the least can find it with a 10 second go on Google. Does the coroner think we all have amnesia?

It also seems to be stretching the sort of info which gets suppressed. I am a bit staggered that for the duration of the suppression order, it is an offence to state who ’s wife is.

If the name suppression is permanent, does that mean his wife can never be named?

Again, how very futile. But don’t drop hints as to the name in comments unless you like demerits. I am sure anyone who wants to know can find the name on the Herald or Stuff websites in a few seconds via Google.

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