A policy for Labour?

Dita De Boni blogs:

Rhode argues in The Beauty Bias that a law found in a smattering of US states against workplace on the basis of looks should be extended nationwide.

That means that where suitably qualified people apply for jobs, and where it can be shown that hiring decisions were simply made on the basis of looks, a lawsuit can be filed – as it can be, conversely, in the recent case of the “too sexy” female banker, because of her looks and the way she was treated at work.

While no one is claiming that laws can change real, ingrained bigotry and intolerance, as commentators have pointed out, when you discourage discrimination, tolerance becomes a habit.

Surely this is a policy just waiting for Labour and/or the Greens to adopt it.

Outlaw workplace discrimination against non-beautiful people. It will have wide appeal.

But why stop there? Why not also outlaw discrimination on the basis of looks in personal relationships?

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