Pam the Pimp

The Herald reports:

Former politician and high-profile broadcaster has been linked to plans for New Zealand’s first brothel for women.

The Herald understands the ex-Alliance MP is on the hunt for a property to house the bordello – where sex workers will be male and clients female.

I’m very glad Pam has finally found a suitable job.

One source said the concept involved a spa, bar and bordello where women could “come and either just drink and be titillated, or go the whole nine yards”.

Pleased to see gender equality in this area.

Mr Ellis, who was approached by the Herald after it learnt of his meeting, said Corkery wanted the brothel plan “to be shot as a TV project”. …

Ms Corkery set up a company, DWT Limited, last Friday jointly with television producer Rebekah Freeman Hay, and it is believed that the brothel will continue to operate after filming for the proposed TV series is complete.

The reality TV show would be focused on the hiring of the male sex workers.

They may even be able to get NZ on Air funding!

Ms Pickering said the main clientele would probably be “cougars” – older women who are attracted to and have sex with significantly younger men.

But the business would still struggle to survive in New Zealand.

“It’s easier to meet men, and get picked up at bars and night spots.”

I agree cougars will be a natural target for Pam’s venture. But she may be competing with young Hamiora Gardiner in Wellington who provides his services for free, so long as you don’t mind being taped.

UPDATE: I note Cactus Kate approves, and says she might even patronise the service so long as Pam’s boys can guarantee good sex and are not dud roots.

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