Sounds worthwhile

Stuff reports:

More than 50 schools around the country will have Government experts sent in to try and lift grades.

Minister has this afternoon announced what she calls “a major new approach to lifting achievement” in schools.

At least 50 “practitioners” from within the Ministry or elsewhere in the education sector will be appointed to schools or clusters of schools.

Some schools would need very little support, but others would need intensive help, Tolley said.

The “practitioners” would build a better relationship between the Ministry and schools.

“These experts will have proven ability in lifting student achievement, and will give specially-designed support to schools to meet the specific needs of their students and teachers,” Tolley said.

“They will use student data to assess where support will be most effective, and make sure schools get help much earlier.”

Sounds pretty good to me.

The only problem of course is the education unions don’t want the Government to have meaningful student data.

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