Welcome to the blogosphere Roger

Pleased to welcome Roger Kerr to the blogosphere. Am looking forward to his contributions.

Roger has just blogged on the death of Tony Judt, described as a fearless Anglo-Jewish intellectual and academic historian who was one of the most brilliant and genuinely original thinkers of our times.

Judt caused great controversy, with this call in 2003:

Judt rocked the Jewish world in 2003 with an article in The New York Review of Books, Israel: the Alternative.

It described the Jewish state as “an anachronism” and argued that Zionism’s ethno-religious exclusivity be replaced by an inclusive liberal democracy. In effect, it called for a one-state solution to the Israel-Palestinian impasse, as he did again in a New York Times column only last month.

The so called one state solution, is ironically backed by elements of the Likud party.

The Business Roundtable has also just relaunched a refreshed website. Much more user-friendly.

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