Auckland Council 2010 elections

I am not an Aucklander, but spend a lot of time up there, and follow the Council politics pretty closely. For those who may find it helpful, here are some of the people I would vote for, if I was a voter:


It is probably no surprise I am a John Banks supporter. Most readers will already have made their minds up about who to vote for, but for those who have not – I will make this point.

It is healthy for all democratic bodies to have periods where they are governed by the left and by the right. They right tend to be more determined to keep rates down, and the left tend to be higher spending (and higher rating or taxing). That way, over time, you get a pretty good balance .

For the inaugural term of the new , I think it is quite vital that the initial Council and Mayor be “fiscal conservatives” who will be tough enough to keep costs and rates under control. If that first Council starts spending like crazy (as Dick Hubbard and City Vision) did, then high levels of debt and rates will be locked in. Once spending has been committed to, it is damn near impossible to cancel. On the other hand it is considerably easier to loosen the fiscal reins at some later stage, than try to tighten them retrospectively.

So apart from all the other reasons, that is an additional reason for this inaugural 2010 election to vote for Banks and a fiscally conservative Council.  If you do not – well all I can say it is won’t me be in Wellington complaining about my rates bill 🙂


20 candidates seek two spots.

Candidates who I would describe as broadly being centre-right, and would be good for keeping rates down are:

Cameron Slater (Whale Oil)
Linda Cooper (C&R)
Graeme Hunt (North Now)
Josephine Kim (C&R)
Margaret Miles (Shore Voice)


11 candidates seeking two spots. I recommend

Chris Fletcher (C&R)
Paul Goldsmith (C&R)


Three seeking one spot. I recommend

Des Morrison (C&R)


Six seeking two spots. I recommend

Dick Quax (C&R)
Jami-Lee Ross (C&R)


12 seeking two spots. Candidates worth supporting:

Sylvia Taylor (Residents & Ratepayers)
Bob Wichman (C&R)


Seven seeking two spots. Best bets are probably:

Barry Curtis (Residents & Ratepayers)
John Walker (Independent)


Five seeking one spot. Highly highly recommend:

Alfred Ngaro (C&R)

North Shore

Twelve seeking two spots. Good candidates are:

Christine Rankin (North Now)
George Wood (C&R)


Three candidates seeking two spots. Both Cameron Brewer and Doug Armstrong would make excellent contributions to the new Council – sadly only one of them will make it.


Four seeking one spot. I would recommend:

Penny Webster (Independent)


Nine seeking two spots. I recommend:

Mark Brickell (C&R)
Marie Hasler (C&R)

Waitemata & Gulf

Mike Lee is likely to win as the vote looks to split between Alex Swney and Tenby Powell. If a poll shows one of them in ahead of the other, then I’d back the one with the best chance of winning against Lee.

Having said that, Lee is not too bad as lefties go. He is at least competent.


Four seeking one spot. I recommend:

Noeline Raffills (C&R)

Local Boards

Generally you should vote for these tickets:

North Now

And generally you should not vote for these tickets:

City Vision
Shore Voice (this is debatable – some candidates it appears are centre right, while others are former Labour MPs)
Grey Power
Future West
Any ticket that mentions “people” in its name
Residents & Ratepayers Team in Howick

I welcome comments/feedback from locals as to the leaning of other tickets.

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