The Auckland Ratepayer Protection Pledge

The ARA announced:

Today we launched our 2016 Ratepayer Protection Pledge, to identify those candidates standing for who are aligned to the Ratepayers’ Alliance vision of reasonable rates and sensible spending by the Super City.

The pledge reads:

“I [candidate’s name] pledge to all Aucklanders that I will not vote for any measures which increase the total average burden of rates, levies, and other compulsory Council charges, more than 2% per annum.”We’re asking all Auckland Council candidates – no matter their political persuasion – to champion fiscal prudence and sign the pledge.

This gives Aucklanders a choice. If you don’t want to keep receiving rates increases of 10%, then do not vote for any candidate who won’t sign this pledge.

There will be advertisements in Auckland showing who has and has not signed the pledge, to help people decide who to vote for Mayor, and for Council.

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