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Okay. I aim to get a new laptop every three years, and am already eight months overdue. Considering they get used around 12 – 15 hours a day (are are meant to only be used for one battery life per day), my current one has lasted well – a HP Compaq nc4400.

The current one is very small and light. A 12.1 inch display and weights just under four pounds. That has been useful as I travel so much with it. Having said, that I could go for something larger, as the new iPad means I can leave the laptop behind more and more.

I am what you call a power user. At anyone time I will have half a dozen or more applications open, and a dozen or more webpages. Plus all the background apps such as MSN Messenger, Twitter running. So lots of power and RAM is vital. I routinely handle data bases which are 1 GB or more in size. 4 GB RAM would be the minimum I’d consider and I’d prefer something that would allow me to stick up to 8 GB in.

It has to be a Windows laptop. I know Macs can emulate etc, and how I should use Linux etc etc. Decision has been made that I am staying with Windows. So don’t even bother telling me I am wrong.

What I am after is recommendations (preferably from personal experience) on good grunty laptops. Ideal features are:

  • Fast
  • Long battery life
  • Relatively light
  • Quick start up
  • Can handle multiple apps open at same time
  • Resilient
  • 500 GB or more storage
  • 4 GB or more RAM
  • Not a serious gamer, so doesn’t need to be optimised for that
  • Doesn’t freeze when multiple things happening

The operating system will be Windows 7 Ultimate (which I have a copy of).

All feedback appreciated.

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