New laptop

When I was in Auckland yesterday I picked up my new laptop. It’s a nice wee compact 12.1″ model which is perfect considering I do around 25 domestic trips and six international trips a year with it. Still got lots of grunt though which I need as some of my work databases are over 1 GB in size.

It’s a HP Compaq nc4400. I’ve stuck in 2 GB of RAM which is wonderful. Only 1.77 kgs. Oh yeah also has a Biometric Fingerprint Sensor which means no-one but me can ever access it, even if they guess passwords. Well unless they chop my hand off anyway!

Last night I found a wireless connection at the hotel and so immediately did Windows Update so it had the latest security patches. It needed 57 of them!!! Says something when you need that many but at least one can get them all at the one time.

UPDATE: My old laptop used Norton Internet Security for anti-virus, anti-spam and firewall. I have found Norton not as good as it used to be so keen on feedback from people as to what they recommend for the above functions. I have a slight preference for an all in one package but it is only slight and quite happy to look at seperate software for each function. Cost is a factor of course, but not the main factor.

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