The Wilce claims

The Herald has a full list of all the claims Stephen Wilce made:

  • claims to have served in the Falklands War, Northern Ireland and the First Gulf War;
  • Claimed service in Forces/ Special Boat Service;
  • Having been awarded the Distinguished Service Order, Military Cross and Bar, and
  • Giving the impression he was a helicopter pilot at the same time Prince Andrew was present.
  • was on the IRA death list;
  • had a degree of medical experience or background,
  • played guitar on the British folk circuit;
  • claimed to have been a member of the Royal Society in the United Kingdom;
  • a member of he British Olympic bobsled team;
  • the captain of the Royal Navy Swimming Team;
  • Represented England in the 1990 Commonwealth Games swimming team;
  • was a member of the Welsh Rugby team that played against the All Blacks.
  • hold an honorary PhD in Astronomy from Cambridge
  • a Masters degree in aerospace and astrophysics from Cranfield and Cambridge;
  • have been a university lecturer, professor and doctor.
  • To have served in MI5 and MI6 or at the Home Office.
  • to have designed the guidance system for the Polaris missile.

What I find most amusing is the claims to have been a champion bob-sleigher, swimmer and rugby player. How many people really do become champions in three very different sports like that?

I can’t find the full report online anywhere, but blame seems to lie with both the NZ Defence Force and Momentum. Amazingly his actual CV turned out to be correct – he just lied about everything else verbally. The failing was not talking to all his referees it seems.

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