Goff’s colleagues on Goff

TV3 reports  saying:

“I’ve heard of no leadership concerns, nor any difference of opinion on the decisons that I’ve taken,” he says.

No difference of opinion? Well if Phil hasn’t heard of his colleagues concerns, it means they are talking to the media instead of him.

“You’re free to talk to any parliamentarians on the Labour side and get their own opinion they’ll tell you for themselves,” says Goff.

So we did – privately.

And they said:

“I wouldn’t say I’m on Phil’s side but there’s no one else.”

“A few of the guys are rattled but not enough for a spill.”

“Come on Bro – who would want that job?”

My God, not exactly stunning endorsements, are they. In fact lets translate what these three senior colleagues effectively said:

  1. Phil’s a hopeless leader, but the alternatuves are worse
  2. Some of the Caucus want to roll Phil, but not enough of them
  3. We’re doomed and can’t win the next election, so no one wants the job

And then we have these words from the past and future Labour MP :

The question is whether Phil Goff is the person to lead and he’s got to capture New Zealand’s imagination, and for New Zealand to see him as an alternative.

Patrick Gower then said:

It sounds like to me you don’t think Phil Goff is the right alternative Judith

And Judith’s response was:

I’ve said what I intend to say

Not exactly an endorsement of a loyal MP in waiting. She casts doubt on Phil Goff’s leadership, and then refuses to deny that she doesn’t think he is the right leader.

The New York branch will be happy.

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