The debate and auction were great fun. I’ll do a seperate post on the debate.

We managed to get a total of $10,000 pledged by 5 pm yesterday to buy Winston’s no sign. The bidding started at $1,000 and there were three bidders, and then two bidders and then it hit the $10,000 we had pledged. I kept bidding unti $10,500 but then folded.

The great thing is that by bidding we got the winning amount up to $10,500, which all goes to families of victims who worked for The Press And CTV.

Congrats to businessman Ted Thomas who won the auction with a very generous donation/pledge.

For me this was mainly about raising money for a good cause. We can always create our own NO sign for 5c, and have it appear during the campaign (and we will). So I would encourage those who pledged money to consider still donating to the relief fund for families of earthquake victims who worked for The Press And CTV. I will be.

If you wish to make a donation, the details are:

Quake Fundraiser’

And once again thanks to the scores of readers who pledged their support for the auction. You helped make the auction a success.

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