Press Gallery fundraiser for Christchurch Earthquake

It will be held on Thursday, March 17, at the Backbencher. Doors will open at 5pm and the debate will start about 7pm.

 Moot: Politics is a grubby business.

 The affirmative: Annette King, MP; Darren Hughes, MP; Simon Bridges, MP.

 The negative: Pinky Agnew, Guyon Espiner, David Townsend

 The chair is Duncan Garner.

Proceeds from ticket sales ($30) will go to the Red Cross (and are available from Brent in the RNZ office) for famiies of victims.

Afterwards there is an auction, with proceeds also going to the earthquake appeal.

TVNZ’s Guyon Espiner is putting up for auction, the original “no” sign used by Winston Peters. This could go for a fair bit of money – especially as Winston will probably have a secret trust bidding for it.

Whale and I would be keen to buy the sign at the auction. If we win it, we guarantee it will turn up to most of the public meetings that Winston attends during the campaign. E-mail me if you are willing to contribute towards buying it at the auction, and how much you are able to contribute. If we get it for less than the amount pledged, we’ll divide it up pro-rata. And remember it is all for a good cause – money for Christchurch relief.

As well as the  no sign, the gallery will be auctioning off various other items such as the PM’s pinot noir. So. should be a fun night.

UPDATE: The PM has said he’ll bid $5,000 for the sign. Help us outbid the PM as we’ll put it to better use.
So far we have over $1,000 pledged

UPDATE2: I’d say we mow have more than $2,000 pledged. Lots of $20, $50 and $100 pledges all add up quickly. Thanks for e-mails of pledges. We’ll only ask for the money if we actually win the auction.

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