Over halfway there

We have $2,810 pledged so far to bid for Winston’s NO sign. Thanks to all those who have pledged money – you will get individual responses also.

As I blogged yesterday, we want to outbid the Prime Minister’s $5,000 bid. We are over half way there. Please, e-mail me if you are willing to contribute towards our bid. Remember all funds go via the Red Cross* to earthquake victims in Christchurch – plus you help enable the infamous NO sign to hit the campaign trail later this year.

The auction is Thursday evening, so we are after a further $2,200 in 36 hours.

UPDATE: Now at $3,670 at midday.

* The proceeds from the debate go to the Red Cross, but the proceeds from the auction go to the families of victims who worked for CTV or The Press.

UPDATE2: Now at $4,020 at 3.30 pm. Thanks to all those pledged to date. I think we will make it. Remember $5,000 is the minimum we are aiming for to be competitive.

UPDATE3: Now at $4,650. We’re getting closeer. Again $5,000 is the minimum we need – not a target. Again thanks so much to those pledging.

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