Wellingtonians Stand for Cantabrians

A reader writes:

The WCC are coordinating a Stand for Wellington in Civic Square tomorrow at 12.51 pm – gathering any time from 12.30pm.

A number of us are going and wearing either black and red or yellow and black (people obviously can wear anything they like) and some may even go wild and bring balloons.

I have been given your contact details as you may decide this is a useful enough event to market through your blog.

Originally we were wanting to do something that would bring cantabrians together – those who live in Wellington but after John Key announced the two minute silence we decided to expand it to everyone.

Afterall everyone has been affected in some way.

What a very good idea. Wellingtonians can head down to Civic Square if you can in red and black, or head to Parliament Grounds where there will be a tribute also.

Also don’t forget the two minutes silence at 1251. Hopefully radio will broadcast this, so even motorists can pull over and observe the two minutes.

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