And the wedding

The wedding ceremony took place outside Lytham Hall. It was a superb location, and the sun shone all day.

The opening hymn was Jerusalem, which in the beautiful English countryside was so appropriate. Then there was a reading, of “Oh The Places You’ll Go” by Dr Seuss.

A second hymn was Amazing Grace – a favourite for weddings. Then we had the vows, and after the vows, a simply amazing rendition of Po Kare Kare Ana by Michelle Tufnell. Michelle had never heard it sung before, and learnt it by listening to recordings of others singing it. She got it absolutely perfect and I was not surprised to learn she is a professional singer.

Finally the ceremony ended with Vangelis’ Conquest of Paradise.

Afterwards we had Georgian Tea and Wedding Cake, plus a performance by the Fylde Coast Cloggers – who are basically Morris Dancers in Clogs. I joked to Shane that he had combined his wedding with the Green Party AGM 🙂

This portrait inside Lytham Hall made me think of Paul henry because at first glance it looks like a lady with a moustache. But in fact the portrait is of Sir Cuthbert Clifton, the original landowner.

Myself outside the hall.

Shane and Erica doing the first of many dances.

It was a wonderful wedding, and a great end to a very enjoyable 16 days in the UK. I’m now back in London, staying at the Sheraton Heathrow until my flight tomorrow.

Drove around 1,750 miles over the trip, or 2,800 kms. I think my right foot has a blister on it 🙂