Why we need welfare reform

Imogen Neale in the SST reports:

Lots of babies, lots of partners, lots of houses and lots of benefits.

Welcome to the career dream of young boys already failing in the education system. …

“There is no warmth about loving little children or wanting to be good parents. It is purely about this being a pathway to an income,” the one-time principal of a youth justice facility school said.  …

Sutherland said in some cases the children were merely repeating what they saw in their own homes.

“They perceive that they’ll get a girl pregnant. She will be on some form of benefit and will get a house, and that they’ll live with them, and that is their income.

“They live with mum, who often has a number of children and boyfriends.”

If you grow up in a household where no adults are ever in employment, then all too often your expectations are changed.

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