Well done Housing NZ

The Dom Post editorial:

The three Pomare women fighting state-house eviction have gone to considerable lengths to present themselves as victims.

They are not. The real victims in the sorry saga of Mongrel Mob intimidation in Farmer Cres are those forced to flee and the female worker who still lives in fear of retaliation.

Housing NZ has spent more than $1 million and 2 1/2 years trying to evict Robyn Winther, Huia Tamaka and Billy Taylor after three men associated with them were linked to one of numerous incidents of gang bullying in the troubled Lower Hutt suburb. The expense has been significant, but it is money well used.

Housing NZ has established an important precedent that will in future make it much easier and faster to evict tenants who have people living or staying with them who are a menace. It means the corporation can issue tenants with 90-day notices of termination, which do not require landlords to give a reason, in cases where it needs to get rid of them to end the anti-social behaviour of their associates.

And may they use this power more often. Some areas are no go zones due to the tenants living there.

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