A brave Grey Power member

David Fisher at the HoS reports:

Grey Power is studying a proposal to take the pension away from retired people who earn more than $80,000 a year.

Studying is probably a euphemism for ritually burning.

The proposal, leaked to the Herald on Sunday, was written by Grey Power’s Coromandel representative, Mac Welch, and distributed by the organisation’s president, Roy Reid.

Welch described national superannuation as “unaffordable” and said the Government was “under pressure”.

He wrote of hearing Grey Power members referred to as “old greedies” and it was time to consider means testing.

He said he wanted to start discussion around a $40,000 income trigger for reducing pension payments and completely cutting the payment at $80,000.

Earnings of $80,000 a year work out at $1180 a week. Welch’s proposal would mean someone on that money would no longer be able to collect the $340 a week pension payment as well.

I believe all welfare benefits, including super, should be both income and asset tested.

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