Labour’s latest campaign strategy

So Labour’s campaign manager compares the Prime Minister of New Zealand to the Nazis, the fascists and the Stalinists. Could you imagine the outrage if Steven Joyce compared Phil Goff to Al Qaeda or something.

Hat Tip: Whale

UPDATE: How is this for irony. TVNZ reports from two years ago:

Labour MP Chris Carter is in trouble with his party again for making a joke comparing New Zealand Prime Minister to Italian dictator Benito Mussolini. …

Carter later blogged about the incident, but it was later removed by the blog’s editor , who did not see the funny side.

“Trevor was sensitive to anyone who found it offensive. There are people still alive who suffered under fascism; that wasn’t something I thought about when I put the blog up,” says Carter.

So Trevor is now doing the exact thing he censored Chris Carter for doing two years ago.

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