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In my column at the Herald, I cover ’s Savings Policy. Some extracts:

New Zealand has the most generous public scheme in the world. …

So Labour have opened the doors for a national debate on both the age of eligibility and on means testing NZ Superannuation. They deserve praise for such a bold step. Our current scheme is too generous and unsustainable. …

Labour’s policy overall has a mixture of good and bad. I think it is an improvement over the status quo, and their willingness to advocate the age change gives them greater credibility. It’s a bold start to the campaign to tell New Zealanders that our taxpayer funded superannuation scheme is too generous. It almost reminds me of the Phil Goff of old, and yes that is a compliment.

I find it amusing that even when I praise Phil Goff, some nutters attack me for being too partisan.

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