Anderton referred to Police

Jim Anderton has been referred to the Police, for his letter to all voters in Wigram urging them to vote for Labour’s Megan Woods.

The Electoral Commission has ruled on a complaint from Cameron Slater that Jim Anderton is ineligible to be a promoter of a candidate advertisement, as he is a party leader. He did not register as a promoter, and someone involved in the administration of the affairs of a registered party is ineligible to be a unregistered promoter.

could be quite a lot more serious that the normal referral for forgetting to put an authorisation statement on an advertisement. There are two reasons this is much more serious:

  1. Jim Anderton has done something he was not allowed to do under the law.
  2. was not an obscure ad on or in a school newsletter, but a letter sent to every voter in the electorate

Sadly we will not know before the election the outcomes of any of the complaints to the Police. In what appears to be a fit of cowardice, it seems they have a that they will not decide on any prosecutions until after the election. is massively wrong, and actually encourages law breaking.

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