More Key Derangement Syndrome

The SST reports:

Artist  has painted a picture of as a corpse and made it part of an interactive game on his website called, “Who Killed John Key?”

Mahon, who calls himself a socialist, says he hopes the image “will simply make people curious”. He wants to “put a bunch of ‘Key crimes’ on to one ring,” he told the Sunday Star-Times.

“The thing about this man is that he seems to be able to lie to the public straight-faced knowing that given a month or three the promises he makes will be forgotten. Success in politics seems to depend on the public having a very short memory.”

The painting shows Key’s body slumped against a wall in an alley with a rifled wallet beside him. A half-empty wine bottle, a rat and a half-eaten apple are among the detritus nearby.

Sam Mahon is a socialist and he hates John Key. So he gets his jollies by imagining him killed, and paints a picture of it. I’m sorry but that is seriously fucked up. Even worse, he turns it into an online game, where he gives out prizes for those taking part.

If an artist had done a picture of Helen Clark shot dead, he or she would have been condemned for encouraging violence and hate crimes.

Mahon in his hatred of Key, overlooks that he has children who should not have to see Mahon’s artistic ejaculation of their father dead in an alleyway.

And Labour have the nerve to complain about Key having the DPS with him so often, when this sort of shit is done.

Ironically, Mahon’s hatred will probably backfire on him. The public don’t like this sort of shit.

UPDATE: Trevor Mallard blogs:

I’m generally in favour of a pretty liberal interpretation of what it is appropriate for media to cover. But a game that is based on killing the PM is not.


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