The gender gap

The Herald reports (from AFP):

Women are closing the gender gap on men in health and education but still cannot get a firm foot in the political and business doors, an international study says.

And the situation hasn’t got better for New Zealand women.

Nowhere at all in this highly negative article do they mention that NZ is ranked 6th top in the world and top in the Asia/Pacific region. But it gets worse than that.

Women hold less than 20 per cent of key national positions, said the World Economic Forum in its Global Gender review of 135 nations.

This is referring to the average for all 135 countries. But if you look at the article, many would read that as referring to NZ, and in fact we are double the average.

Less than 20 per cent of ministers and national MPs are women, said the report.

Again not entirely clear that this relates to the world average, rather than NZ. NZ is 29% for Ministers and 34% for MPs.

The report is here for those interested. We are 8th/135 for political empowerment.


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