Another VRWNLLWC endorsement for Shearer

Matt McCarten writes in the HoS of his support for Shearer and mentions others also supporting Shearer. Off hand I count the following endorsements:

  • Matthew Hooton
  • John Tamihere
  • Willie Jackson
  • Michelle Boag
  • Deborah Coddington
  • John Pagani
  • Jon Johansson
  • Chris Trotter
  • Cameron Slater
  • Phil Quin
  • Lew Stoddart

Now that’s just members of the VRWNLLWC who have endorsed Shearer. Add to that the apparent support of Phil Goff, Annette King, David Parker, Grant Robertson and Trevor Mallard. Has any leadership candidaate ever had such a wide variety of people endorsing them?

However for Shearer to win, he will need more than endorsements. He will need to pick up his game substantially from his performance on Q+A today. Being unable to even name your Climate Change spokesman is embarrassing.

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