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Last week Scott Yorke blogged a comment of mine about Waitakere from 2010, in an attempt to embarrass me. My comment on Waitakere was:

Sepuloni is probably the candidate with the best chance to take the fight to Paula Bennett. I don’t think she’ll beat Paula, but she’ll do better than a white middle aged guy would, to be blunt.

Scott was of course trying to gloat that I was wrong, as at the time Carmel had won the seat. I guess he is feeling rather foolish for not holding off his post now.

But the irony is that even if Carmel had won the seat, I still stand by my 2010 comment. I said that Carmel had the best chance to beat Paula of any of the Labour nominees, but that I didn’t think she would actually win. I think that was a very mild and fair comment 18 months before the election.

If I could be bothered I could trawl through the left wing blogs for all the quotes about how Little was going to crush Young in  New Plymouth, how all the polls except Horizon were wrong, and how Labour would be Government after the election. But frankly I’ve got a life.

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