Victoria Falls Hotel

This is the Victoria Falls Hotel. It is an Edwardian building, 107 years old, and it is like you are living in the Edwardian era – they serve high tea on the balcony there.  They also serve drinks, so I’ve spent most of my spare time drinking Zambesi Sparkles (their inhouse cocktail) there while working on my laptop, or reading a book.

This is the view from the front lawn. You can see the border/bungee bridge ahead, and the “smoke” from the falls also. A stunning view.

The baboons are everywhere – literally treating the place as if it is theirs. You see warthogs in the grounds also.

As with any good hotel, they have the local newspaper. This story was on the front page and no name suppression here. An injiva incidentially is what they call a Zimbabwean living in South Africa.

I love the fine of seven head of cattle for bedding a wife. Allows you to weigh up the risks in terms of being caught and the likely fine vs the benefits 🙂

One of the lounges inside the hotel.

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