A local Jew hater

Came across this reptile from his comments on the You Tube tape. It is hard to believe, but people like this really exist. His comments on You Tube include:

charlie sheen is a jew, always has been, always will be.the only good jews a dead jew.

Actually Carlos Estevez is Catholic.

i fully agree, fuck the jews, especially that black jew they call the worlds president. THEYRE ALL LIARS…. fucking scum…

Well that is a new twist – he’s not only from Kenya, but he’s Jewish also.


So hates Obama, and loves Winston.

wow talk about a faggot cocksucking poofter yaself, maybe you should get off john keys cock you jew faggot

Not a fan of the Prime Minister it seems.

The reason I am shedding some light on this reptile, is because sunlight is the best disinfectant. Also though, I’d welcome anyone who can work out his identity, based on his Internet footprint.

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