KDS in full flight

You can see in full flight with comments on a You Tube video promoting a flag change. The highlights or lowlights are:

  • These people are supporting the evil Jew who is withholding funding for the Melanoma wonder drug Pembrolizumab in order to pay for his precious flag. Shame shame shame on you!!!
  • More “Dirty Politics”- You fascists never give up the ghost hahaha. #KOF. # Lose John ‘Wall St. ‘ Key!
  • Don’t vote for the tea towel. This is a precursor to ratifying the TPPA. With the union jack on our flag, they can’t sell out our sovereignty to corporations because of a pre-existing agreement with the Crown.

Not sure what is worst – the racist anti-semite or the nutter who believes the design of our flag has some sort of legal force. It’s like moron meets stupid.

There are many good reasons to oppose changing the flag. Sadly there are many bad ones also.

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