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The owners of the Malt House along with well known beer writer Neil Miller opened up a new pub in Wellington last year. I promised I would do a review of it, and last week had a friend in town back from the US, so we all arranged to meet at the on Bond Street.

The Fork & Brewer is on Bond Street. The location used to be home to Syn & Hell Pizza, the Ruby Lounge and the Loaded Hog before that. I also recall it being the Bond Street Inn. You go up the stairs to be greeted with …

At present these are decorative, but in the near future they will in fact start to brew their own labels in-house.

On the good Wellington days, you can sit outside on the balcony and look down on all the worker ants scurrying up and down Victoria and Bond Streets.

I love their bar. The interior is quite large, and the bar forms a barrel almost the entire 360 degrees. The decor is cool with all the gadgets displayed on the wall, but what is most excellent is the 43 different beers they have on tap – almost all New Zealand independent and craft beers.

This is a bar made for beer lovers, owned by beer lovers. You can see their full range of beers here.

The food is great – much better than normal pub or bar fare. Not just my view, but also the Dine Out reviewers. I can only rave about the chicken wings – they are delicious, and you get a huge number too.

In keeping with their love of beer, they have matched beers to each menu item, as you can see above. You can see their menu here.

And as the final temptation to turn the Fork & Brewer into my mobile office, they have a power hot-point at every booth, so you can plug your laptop in.

All up, a highly recommended venue for drink and food. I plan to go there often.

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