A happy little vegemite

The Rudd v Gillard war is heating up, and Gillard supporters have leaked this video of Rudd as PM cursing and swearing when trying to shoot a video.

The latest estimate is:

  • Gillard 45
  • Rudd 40
  • Undecided 18

The bookies have Rudd at $2.40 to $2.60 for Gillard as the PM going into the next election.

The real winner is Tony Abbott whose odds of being PM after the next election are $1.36 to $3.10 for Labor.

Prior to that we have the Queensland state election where the coalition is at $1.12 and Labor at $5.75 to win. The election is on 24 March and the latest polls has the coalition ahead by 16% on a TPP basis.

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