People Power Ohariu

Danya Levy at Stuff reports:

The Government has been accused of treachery during emotive pleas for it to dump its plans to partially sell state-owned assets. …

People Power was formed after last year’s election to convince UnitedFuture leader and MP for Ohariu Peter Dunne to vote against the bill.

United Future’s policy was very clearly known before the election and Peter Dunne got re-elected on it.

Her voice breaking and close to tears, People Power Ohariu spokeswoman told the committee the sales were “nothing less than treachery”.

“It is absolutely ludicrous that in our country a group of 61 people can make decisions that have serious, serious, implications for our country and our children’s future and our land.”

That is an unusual name. Presumably the same person who is a Mana Party activist.

And it is interesting to see how she thinks it is treason to announce a policy 10 months before an election, have it as the most contested issue of the election, and have parties than supported it gain 61 out of the 121 seats.

And the implications for the children’s future and the land is just ridiculous hyperbole. My God, its some minority shares in some power companies. Contact Energy got wholly sold off in 1998 and the world didn’t end. In fact, barely anyone noticed.

People Power Ohariu spokesman said it was particularly concerned about the Trans Pacific Partnership free-trade agreement being negotiated among New Zealand, the United States and at least eight other countries.

This is the John Maynard that Whale pointed out was President of the Postal Workers Union of Aotearoa.

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