A great idea

The Press reports:

Why pay to party? If you want tickets to The Concert, you’re going to have to work for it.

The Concert is a live music event to be held at AMI Stadium on November 3.

Only 10,000 tickets are available and you can’t buy a ticket.

To get a ticket you have to do more than four hours of volunteer work in the community.

The event is co-ordinated by Student Volunteer Army head who said yesterday that a team of five are working on the project full-time.

”As well as that core group, there is also the student volunteer committee and a team of 50 ambassadors that are taking the volunteering message into schools. They are an amazing group. It takes a lot of effort to put on a concert and we’re all working together to make it happen.”

He said The Concert is about people making a difference in their community, then celebrating at the concert.

Ideas for volunteering are unlimited, he said, and could involve everything from singing songs in a rest home to helping out sports groups.

”We will announce the line-up in mid July,” Johnson said.

”People just need to register their volunteer project on our website, the concert.co.nz or on our Facebook page. Four hours is the minimum you can do to get a ticket.”

The event is R15 with R18 areas and is sponsored by Skinny, a separate division of Telecom.

That’s a smart way to promote and reward volunteers.

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