A fun day

A very fun day today. Had so much on, haven’t even had time to download photos yet.

Started off in the morning with some snorkelling. The fish were everywhere, and with some bread, had them literally eating out of the hand. Quite a weird little sensation as your hand get nibbled by a dozen fish at once.

Then in the afternoon went out jet skiing. These were pretty powerful ones, as they get up to 80 km/hr. Your eyes start to get wind burn at that speed! But, boy are they fun.

Then early evening did a sunset cruise for two hours around the harbour. Ended up the front of the boat titanic style with two other couples and was one of those great occasions where you just all bond instantly, with the help of several rounds of drinks. Upshot is we now have a standing invitation to go and stay on the Gold Coast. Yay.

Then the six of us went out for dinner and (more drinks) and afterwards went to the casino for some blackjack and roulette.

Tomorrow we are taking buggys through the jungle and then trekking to a waterfall. After that, we’re meeting up with the two Aussie couples as it’s one of their 30th birthdays, so could be a very late night!

has been very enjoyable, if a little rainy. The locals are very friendly and genuinely helpful (ie not just trying to sell something), and the water is beautiful. Definitely will return at some stage.

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