Conservatives and Epsom

Isaac Davidson reports:

The Conservative Party has refused to say whether it will compete for Act leader John Banks’ seat.

After its first annual conference at the weekend, the party said it was focused on reaching the 5 per cent party vote threshold.

Leader believes the party has already won votes from disillusioned Act supporters and that its fiscal and moral conservatism will appeal to the electorate.

think is quite a morally conservative electorate,” he said yesterday. “If you look at the ethnic breakdown of Epsom, particularly the Asian community … they are very strong on family, they are very strong on business, and on law and order. They are a good fit for Conservative.”

Actually would say is more liberal than other electorates such as Tamaki.

My belief is that Paul Goldsmith will become MP for at the next election, so long as his name is on the ballot paper. don’t think Epsom wants to become the tactical voting capital of NZ.

If was advising the Conservatives, I’d tell them to look for a seat where it is likely a National MP will retire in 2014. Their chances are best there.

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