The big bird saga

Stuff reports:

In an embarrassment for Democrats, the creators of Big Bird ask the Obama campaign to scrap an anti-Romney ad featuring the popular TV children’s character.

Obama’s team had used Big Bird to attack Romney for vowing during the debate to cut funding for public television, but is now considering the request to pull the ad.

I think the Democrats are nuts for focusing on Big Bird. The US has a deficit in the hundreds of billions, and they are dying in a ditch over funding for a TV show that is in fact so commercially successful, it would do fine without a subsidy.

However, his supporters have grown increasingly distraught in recent days as Obama has largely stayed out of the public eye after his lackluster debate performance.

‘‘I’ve never seen a candidate self-destruct for no external reason this late in a campaign before,’’ pundit Andrew Sullivan wrote in The Daily Beast.

The polls have just got very tight. Huff Post reports

It is worth noting that the electoral college is what counts, not the popular vote. But of course they are linked. Will be a fascinating four weeks.

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