Sea Shepherd

The Herald reports:

’s launching a massive campaign against Japanese whalers in the waters around Antarctica.

Four vessels with 150 crew members are on their way there for the summer – the biggest team the anti- organisation has ever sent.

Captain of the Steve Irwin, Paul Watson, said their efforts are working.

“Last year they only took 26 per cent, the year before that only 17 per cent. We’ve cost them tens of millions of dollars and we’re right on the threshold of breaking them financially so we have to keep the pressure on.”

Mr Watson said the Japanese have four ships too, so he is confident they can match them.

I don’t like the Japanese whalers. I don’t like what is commercial whaling under the guise of scientific research.

But I don’t like Sea Shepherd even more. They have a long and extensive record of violence, and as Pete Bethune found out they are pathological liars – or at least Watson is.

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