Boston Bombers planned to hit NYC

The Herald reports:

The Marathon bombing suspects had planned to blow up their remaining explosives in New York’s Times Square, officials said.

New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said Dzhokhar Tsarnaev told interrogators from his hospital bed that he and his older brother had decided spontaneously Thursday night (local time) to drive to New York and launch an attack with their five pipe bombs and a pressure-cooker bomb like the ones that blew up at the marathon.

The plan fell apart after the Tsarnaev brothers

were intercepted by police in a stolen car and got into a fierce gun battle that left Tamerlan Tsarnaev dead, Kelly said.

It is fortunate that the brothers were such incompetent morons. lists 10 big mistakes they made:

  1. Wear a baseball cap backwards and no sunglasses.
  2. Not react to the explosions.
  3. Leave their car at the repair shop, then go pick it up.
  4. Stay in Boston.
  5. Run out of cash.
  6. Not understand how ATMs work.
  7. Confess to the hostage.
  8. Stop for a snack and allow hostage to escape.
  9. Keep the hostage’s phone.
  10. Bring a BB gun.

If they were not so retarded, they may have ended up at large for much longer, and able to kill far more people.

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